Children's Beginner Course

Cobham Fencing Club's Commonwealth medal winning coaches are committed to inspiring and producing the next generation of competitive young fencers.

Sessions are designed for children from the age of 7 and are suitable for those with little or no previous fencing experience. The children receive a high quality learning experience as class sizes are limited.

There is a strong emphasis on safety, discipline and fun. Technical moves are taught along with games and practice fights to keep the young fencers interested and motivated.


We would like to invite your child to attend one of our beginner courses next term;

Tuesday or Wednesday 6pm – 7:15pm starting on the 26th and 27th April respectively.

If you wish to have a trial/taster lesson before committing to a course then an individual lesson can be arranged - please contact us for more details

To book your place please fill out the contact form and contact me for payment details to secure your child's place:




Due to the further relaxing of restrictions, British Fencing has amended the kit cleaning protocols and this will allow us to run beginner classes from the Autumn Term without the need for fencers to have their own full set of equipment.


We will be providing new fencers with their own brand new mask and glove to use for the duration of the beginner course, and these will be available to buy after the course if you decide to continue. The course fee includes an extra £50 to cover part of the cost of the club buying the mask and glove, and this will be deducted from the retail cost if you would like to purchase these items after the course.


If you wish to learn to fence part way through the term then you will still have the option of joining the club after the start of the beginners course by taking out the individual lesson package - see below. From these lessons you will gain the experience necessary to join the group session where you will be matched with those of a similar age and experience.


These lesson packages include:

4x half hour individual lessons with one of our Commonwealth medal winning coaches

Kit and venue hire included - lessons run at Cobham Village Hall

Cost: £140

You are more than welcome to book a 30 minute trial lesson for £40 to see if you enjoy the sport before committing to the lesson package.

Extra lessons can be booked for £35 per half hour


If you would like to sign up to this lesson package then please get in touch for details - Contact us


All fencing equipment will be provided, please wear tracksuit trousers (stretchy if possible but not thin leggings), T-shirt and trainers.

We welcome and encourage parents to stay and watch the sessions.

The Junior course is, at times, split into two age groups. This allows us to tailor our coaching to the specific needs of each group so that each child is given the support and encouragement they need to achieve their potential.

For pair exercises and fencing bouts children will be paired with fencers of a similar aged/size.


‘Our ethos for teaching children is ‘respect, encouragement and fun’. We maintain a high level of discipline so that every child receives the best coaching we can offer in an environment where they feel safe and valued.’

‘Fencing offers children an alternative to the ball based sports commonly taught in schools and can give them an opportunity to excel using the different skills required for fencing.’ Jo and Marc 


The first session of the course will follow the following format:

Arrival, introductions and safety brief.

Warm-up games and stretching. Join in and get to know everybody with fun games that will get you warmed up and ready for stretches. We demonstrate and assist you with stretches that will prepare you for fencing.

You will learn the basic footwork movements (on guard position, stepping forward and back, lunging) and play games that help you to learn these moves in a fun way.

You will learn how to hold your fencing foil and hit your coaches (us!) with a lunge. Once you have mastered the technique of hitting safely then you will then be ready for the next step…

You will be able to try what you have learnt so far in your very first FRIENDLY FIGHT!

The session ends with another game – all our games have themes that give children another opportunity to practice important elements of fencing such as tactics, footwork, timing, coordination and speed.