The club is run by former British Number One and member of the British Team for ten years, Jo Maynard, and Marc Bengry who has won four Commonwealth Medals and is a former British Champion. Marc and Jo have 74 years’ fencing experience between them, and have been passing on their knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport by coaching at schools and clubs for the last 20 years.


Jo Maynard


Marc Bengry


In 2002 Jo travelled to Australia for the Commonwealth Championships and met fellow England team-mate Marc Bengry. They both returned to England with medals, and more importantly, each other.

Soon after, Jo set up a fencing club called 'One Two Six FC', the name was taken from the a numberical bar called Bar 126 based in Clapham. The club orginated in the function room above this bar.

Jo soon persuaded Marc to try coaching and he took to it like the proverbial duck to water. Marc is particularly good with children, putting them instantly at ease and making every session engaging, informative and fun. As the club expanded, the club moved to various venues around London, ending up in a sports centre in Shepherds Bush running three nights a week.

Jo and Marc moved to Cobham in 2010 and in 2013 the club became Cobham Fencing Club. After starting a beginners course with 12 fencers the club has expanded to 2 nights a week using Notre Dame Sports hall with over 70 members. Jo and Marc are also coaching at many schools in the local area and in London.

At Cobham Fencing Club we teach foil to children from the age of 7 and epee to children from the age of 13. We can arrange for you to try the other weapons on request, and if we notice that you fence in a way that lends itself particularly to one weapon over another then we will advise you to consider a change.

For example: Jo fenced for six years with the foil and had limited success – by chance she was encouraged by someone to change to Epee and qualified for the World Championships within six months. Jo is now determined that her fencers do not miss any opportunities by fencing with the wrong weapon and she pays a lot of attention to the way that her athletes fence in case she feels they could do better at another weapon.

Assistant Coaches


Marion Thomas

I started fencing at John Kyrle High school, Ross on Wye at the age of 12 years old when I moved there from Wales. Then after many years I decided to take it up when I moved to Wimbledon as it was a great way to make new friends.

Joining Wimbledon fencing club at the age of 22, I got the taste for competing and quickly became addicted to this wonderful sport.

1990 I won the British Novice Championships after fencing for less than 2 years.

Moving on to London clubs such as Salle Paul and at the end of my senior career with Salle Boston.

I have represented my club, county Surrey, section South East, Wales and Great Britain at senior level, and have competed at 2 Commonwealth Championships, 1998 Malaysia winning team bronze and individual 12th and 2002 Australia winning team Silver and individual 5th. I was ranked in the top 10 senior GB for 8 years and 5 of those in the top 5.

After having to retire due to injury after 2002 commonwealths, I am now back loving fencing again. Competing in the GB VET fencing circuit, meeting new and old friends all the time.

I have my DBS check, first aid qualification and I am a level 1 fencing coach.

En guarde!


Marion Thomas





Douglas Takle

Douglas Takle

Douglas has just started coaching at Cobham Fencing Club and is assisting with the early fencing sessions. 

Douglas has been fencing with Marc & Jo since the age of 10 and is now a ranked U20 British foilist. He has won numerous age group medals and is a national medallist winning both a British Youth and English Youth medal.

Under the tutelage of Coach Jo, Douglas has shown a real aptitude for coaching, she has been delighted with his speedy progress since he started coaching at the beginning of March 2022.