Epee Sessions

The club welcomes all abilities, from a complete beginner to an experienced international. We will strive to give you the best possible experience and help you achieve your fencing goals - whether that be reaching open finals, veteran international finals or just enjoying the sport as a hobby in a friendly club enviroment.


Please call Jo Maynard on 07939 070392 if you have any questions that the following information does not answer, or if you just want a chat before you book your place this term.

Epee Summer Term 2021

21st April - 7th July


Price: £180/term - Wednesdays

Suitable for Children from the age of 12 & (Adults- if in Tier 1)

Time: 7:15- 9:00pm.

To join please download, complete and return the form - Click here to download

Location: (Notre Dame School 21st April - 9th June & Parkside School 23rd June - 7th July)

Notre Dame School, Sports Hall, Convent Lane, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 1HA. 

Parkside School, Sports Hall, Stoke D'Abernon, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3PX

 To find out more about your coaches, Jo and Marc, please click here.


Places are limited and are allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Your place will be confirmed by email once we receive payment for the term.


All fencing equipment will be provided, please wear tracksuit trousers (stretchy if possible but not thin leggings), T-shirt and trainers (preferably with a rounded heel and soles that are not too thick).

The first session of the course for beginners will follow the following format:

7:00-7:05pm:  Arrival, Welcome and introductions.

7:05-7:15pm: Warm-up and stretch, we will guide you through a session allowing you to warm up at your own pace according to your level of fitness and then demonstrate and assist you with stretches that will prepare you for fencing.

7:15-7:35pm:  You will learn the basic footwork movements (on guard position, stepping forward and back, lunging).

7:35-7:55:  Fun pair exercise; you will learn to maintain ‘fencing distance’ opposite your partner and lunge at the correct time.

7:55-8:35: You will learn how to hold your sword and hit your coaches (us!) with a lunge. Once you have mastered the technique of hitting safely and defending using a parry, then you will be able to further practice your pair exercises with a fellow beginner.

8:35-9:00pm: You will be able to try what you have learnt so far in your very first FRIENDLY FIGHT!